BHRT stands for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

What are bio identical hormones?

Bio identical hormones are derived from natural plant sources and are compounded at specialized pharmacies. They are made to match the hormones that our bodies normally produce. Unlike synthetic hormones, your body treats bio identical hormones as if they were produced by our own bodies naturally, resulting in fewer side-effects. Bio identical hormones are used to restore hormone levels to youthful levels, thus relieving symptoms associated with declining/fluctuating hormones. BHRT hormones include thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Additionally, appropriate nutritional supplements may aid in the overall health and wellness of individual patients.

Beginning as early as 30 years of age, hormone production in our bodies begins to decline/fluctuate. Symptoms of hormone imbalance are often misdiagnosed and mistreated with anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants, sleeping pills, adult ADD medications and a variety of other medications. The goal of BHRT is to restore the body’s natural hormone balance to relieve symptoms and prevent additional medical issues that may arise as we age.

How do I know if BHRT is right for me?
Determining if you are a candidate for BHRT is based on clinical symptoms and lab tests. If you are suffering from anxiety, irritability, depression, fatigue, decreased libido, muscle aches/joint pain, decreased stamina and motivation, mental fogginess, forgetfulness, hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, headaches, weight gain/belly fat, dry skin, and/or cold extremities, you may have a hormone imbalance. At your initial appointment, our nurse practitioner will review your lab results and discuss your symptoms in depth to determine if you are a candidate for BHRT.

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What are the different forms of BHRT?
Bio identical hormones come in various forms, such as oral medications, creams, gels, patches, and BioTE® pellets. We will discuss options in-depth at your initial appointment. Together, we will determine what form of BHRT works best for your lifestyle.

Are there any side effects?
There are no serious side effects with BHRT. Minor side effects are temporary and are treatable. If side effects occur, they typically occur after the first treatment, as your body adjusts.

Is BHRT covered by insurance?
Lab work is covered by most insurance companies; however, since BHRT is considered “alternative therapy,” it is not typically covered by insurance. In some instances, insurance companies cover partial reimbursements for patients. Upon request, we will provide paperwork to file with your insurance company. We do not file insurance claims for treatment (other than lab work) in our office.

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