Michelle was thorough and very hands-on. Her follow-up has far exceeded my expectations. In addition, through reviewing my lab work, Michelle was able to catch a serious condition that could have been fatal. I had a total hysterectomy in my early thirties, and I didn’t realize how important replacement hormones were to my overall wellness, energy, and moods. I lived with horrible side effects of surgery induced menopause for years, but now I feel like a whole new woman because of BHRT and the care I received from Michelle at OHHW.
Kathi, 43 – Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

My experience at OHHW has been exceptional. Upon initial contact, my appointment was scheduled quickly and Michelle was on time and thorough. She took the time to examine every aspect of my medical history and asked me numerous questions to ensure that she understood all of my symptoms and goals. Since my treatment with BHRT, I have noticed a huge difference in my energy level, and my sex life has improved significantly. I would absolutely recommend OHHW and Michelle!
Jack, 60 – Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy