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Healthy TransformationTM Weight Loss Program

FirstLine Therapy, Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program

Not all weight loss programs are considered healthy. Few consider your body composition or your long-term nutritional needs. And even fewer result in sustained weight loss. Unfortunately, some of the most popular programs may lead to a vicious cycle of roller-coaster dieting that over time can leave you with more than just a bigger waistline. 

The Healthy TransformationTM Weight Loss Program is designed to be the last weight loss program you’ll ever need! It is designed to simulate your metabolism and burn unhealthy fat at a steady pace while giving your body important nutrition for overall health. The unique food plan helps control carbohydrates that may impede weight loss, but still provides you with a huge selection of vegetables and phytonutrients. You will eat a diet high in protein and phytonutrient-dense foods with a wide range of choices that help you lose fat while retaining muscle. You will receive advanced nutritional support with daily supplement packets, a probiotic, a fiber mix, and low glycemic protein bars with easy to follow menu plans, recipes, and a simple exercise plan.

We all know that excess body fat doesn’t just change the way your clothes fit; it can also affect energy levels, self-confidence, and more importantly, long term health and well-being. Losing weight and keeping it off is important for staying healthy. Why not commit to a new healthy eating plan that will help you reach your weight loss goals and also give you the tools needed to permanently change your lifestyle habits and improve your long term health?! We want to help you lose the weight and keep it off for GOOD!

Let us help launch you into a healthier lifestyle as you learn about low glycemic foods, portion control, and incorporating effective exercise into your daily routine. Let us help you take the first step on your journey to a happy, healthy, whole new YOU